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Dive into the world of unparalleled genetic research with our diverse lineup of E. coli competent cells, meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of scientific endeavors. Whether you're conducting routine cloning, subcloning, protein production, or specialized applications, our strains are tailored to meet your needs with precision and efficiency.

  1. DH5α: The go-to strain for routine cloning, offering exceptional insert and plasmid stability thanks to its recA1 and endA1 mutations, and supports blue/white screening.
  2. HB101: Achieve high efficiency in cloning and subcloning, ideal when α-complementation isn't a necessity for your blue/white screening processes.
  3. JM101: Perfect for subcloning and plasmid maintenance with its low recombination rate and high insert stability, along with excellent blue/white screening capabilities.
  4. BL21(DE3): A powerhouse for protein production, with the λ (DE3) lysogen expressing T7 polymerase for high expression levels from T7 promoter-bearing plasmids.

Be sure to look out for our upcoming ATTENU-CELLS (DE3 production strain), promising an advanced level of control over protein expression through inducer concentration.

Enhance your research with our E. coli competent cells. Explore our strains, each with its unique genetic makeup and applications, ensuring you have the perfect tool for your scientific investigations. Contact us to discover more about how our products can propel your research to new heights.


Innovative Research Competent E. coli Stain Buyer’s Guide









Δ(argF-lac)169, φ80dlacZ58(M15),

ΔphoA8, glnX44(AS), deoR481, rfbC1,

gyrA96(NalR), recA1, endA1, thiE1and hsdR17

Most commonly utilized E. coli strain for routine cloning procedures.  Supports blue/white screening.  The recA1 and endA1 mutations increases insert and plasmid stability


F–, thi-1, hsdS20 (rB, mB), supE44, recA13, ara-14, leuB6, proA2, lacY1, galK2, rpsL20 (strr), xyl-5, mtl-1

High efficiency transfection for cloning and subcloning if

 α-complementation is not required for blue/white screening


endA1, recA1, gyrA96, thi, hsdR17 (rk, mk+), relA1, supE44, Δ( lac-proAB), [F´ traD36, proAB, laqIqZΔM15]

Excellent for subcloning, plasmid maintenance, blue/white screening, low recombination rate and high insert stability



F–, ompT, hsdSB (rB, mB), gal, dcm, λ (DE3)

One of the most widely used protein production strains.  Contains the λ (DE3) lysogen expressing T7 polymerase (lacUV5 promoter) providing high expression from T7 promoter-bearing plasmids

Coming soon:  ATTENU-CELLS (DE3 production strain attenuated by inducer concentration).


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