Product References — Pooled Hum AB Serum Plasma Derived

Pooled Normal Human AB Serum Reference 10-17-12

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Innovative Research's Pooled Normal Human AB Serum was recently used in the following study: EFFECT OF COMPLEMENT ON HIV-2 PLASMA ANTIVIRAL ACTIVITY IS INTRATYPE-SPECIFIC AND POTENT G Sahin, B Holmgren, E Sheik-Khalil, Z da Silva - Journal of Virology, 2012...HIV-1 autologous neutralization (see patient 1 in (49)). 144 Complement 145 Pooled human AB serum was the source of complement (C) (Innovative Research, Peary 146 Court, Novi, MI). Because of the labile nature of C', aliquots of the serum pool were 147...

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