We Have Biological Products and Research Materials to Assist Forensic Investigations

We Have Biological Products and Research Materials to Assist Forensic Investigations

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Forensic crime labs use a variety of biological materials and techniques to analyze evidence and provide information crucial to criminal investigations. Some of the common biologicals used in forensic science include:


Human blood: Blood is a common biological fluid found at crime scenes. Blood products can be commonly useful for bloodstain pattern analysis. Forensic analysts can use blood to determine DNA profiles, blood type, and to identify potential suspects or victims.

Innovative Research provides both Human Whole Blood and Blood Cell products, collected from donors in FDA-licensed collection centers located in the United States. Our wide network of collection centers allows us to collect from nearly any donor type, and we are able to accommodate demographic requests across various genders, races, and ages. We are also often able to work with custom collection requests and protocols, ensuring that we are delivering a final product that fits with your exact research needs.


Human Biological fluids: At Innovative Research, we provide a range of standard biological fluids that can meet your specific research needs. Most of our biological fluids are available in single donor and pooled varieties, and we typically can accommodate demographic requests for our single donor products (age, gender, race, etc).

Example biological types include saliva and seminal fluids, which can help identifying individuals through DNA analyses. We also provide products of bodily fluids, such as Urine and Vomit, that can be helpful in toxicological analyses.


Lysates, Tissues and Organs: Human lysates including skin cells can be collected and used for touch DNA analyses. Products including Human Skin Tissue Lysate can also be found on our website.


The methods used for analysis vary depending on the type of biological material. With the field of forensic science continually evolving and new technologies being developed to improve the analysis of evidence, we are dedicated to catering to the specific requirements to aid forensic investigations.

Please note that everything we sell at Innovative Research has been approved by our Institutional Review Board in accordance with USDA regulations. We sell single donor, or pooled samples for research use only, and we are able to take most bulk orders. Contact us via email at sales@innov-research.com or phone us at +1 248 896 0145 or toll-free at 888 660 6866 for more information or to place an order today.

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