Trending ELISA Kits, Designed with You in Mind - Order Now While Supplies Last

Trending ELISA Kits, Designed with You in Mind - Order Now While Supplies Last

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We currently have overstock of some of our current most popular ELISA Kits, including coagulation factor kits, IgG, tPA, and more. We want to ensure that these kits get out to researchers that need them, so we’re offering discounts on bulk orders placed this week. Read below to find out more about these exciting ready-to-ship kits:


Our Customers Favorite ELISA Kits:


  1. Human Total Factor VIII ELISA Kit

Applications: Ideal for studies focusing on hemostasis, coagulation disorders, and thrombosis research.

Benefits: Enables quantitative measurement of Factor VIII levels, crucial for diagnosing and monitoring hemophilia A and other clotting disorders. Provides valuable insights into the mechanisms underlying thrombotic events and bleeding disorders.


  1. Human Total Factor XI ELISA Kit

Applications: A valuable tool for investigating hemophilia, coagulopathy, and vascular biology.

Benefits: Facilitates the quantification of Factor XI levels, essential for understanding the intrinsic coagulation pathway and its implications in thromboembolic diseases. Enables precise characterization of Factor XI deficiencies and their clinical manifestations.


  1. Human Total Factor II (Prothrombin) ELISA Kit

Applications: Essential for research in blood clotting mechanisms and thrombotic disorders.

Benefits: Provides accurate measurement of Prothrombin levels, critical for assessing the risk of thrombosis and monitoring anticoagulant therapy efficacy. Supports investigations into the genetic and environmental factors influencing Prothrombin activity and its role in coagulation cascades.


  1. Mouse IgG ELISA Kit

Applications: Facilitates immunological studies, antibody detection, and biomarker analysis in murine models.

Benefits: Enables quantitative analysis of IgG levels in mouse serum or plasma, essential for characterizing immune responses, antibody titers, and vaccine efficacy in preclinical studies. Offers high sensitivity and specificity for detecting mouse IgG subclasses, aiding in the assessment of immune status and disease progression.


  1. Mouse Total Factor XII ELISA Kit

Applications: Crucial for understanding the role of Factor XII in coagulation cascades and inflammatory responses.

Benefits: Allows precise quantification of Factor XII levels in mouse samples, pivotal for revealing its involvement in thrombosis, fibrinolysis, and innate immunity. Facilitates mechanistic studies exploring the interplay between Factor XII activation and inflammatory processes, offering insights into potential therapeutic targets for inflammatory diseases.


  1. Human Alpha 2 Macroglobulin ELISA Kit

Applications: Supports research in protease inhibition, Alzheimer's disease, and inflammation.

Benefits: Enables accurate measurement of Alpha 2 Macroglobulin levels, crucial for assessing its role as a broad-spectrum protease inhibitor and modulator of inflammatory responses. Facilitates investigations into the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease, where Alpha 2 Macroglobulin dysregulation may contribute to neuroinflammation and cognitive decline.


  1. Human Total tPA ELISA Kit

Applications: Enables investigations into tissue plasminogen activator function, fibrinolysis, and cardiovascular research.

Benefits: Provides quantitative analysis of total tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) levels, essential for studying fibrinolytic processes, thrombus resolution, and tissue remodeling in cardiovascular diseases. Offers valuable insights into tPA dysregulation in conditions such as myocardial infarction, stroke, and thromboembolism, guiding the development of novel therapeutic interventions.


  1. Human Total Apolipoprotein C3 (Apo-C3) ELISA Kit

Applications: Valuable for studying lipid metabolism, dyslipidemia, and cardiovascular risk factors.

Benefits: Facilitates the precise measurement of Apolipoprotein C3 (Apo-C3) levels, pivotal for elucidating its role in lipid metabolism, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular disease pathogenesis. Enables investigations into the therapeutic potential of targeting Apo-C3 in mitigating dyslipidemia-associated cardiovascular risk, offering novel insights into disease prevention and management.


Empower Your Research Today:


Whether you're delving into the complexities of coagulation pathways, exploring immunological responses, or unraveling the mysteries of cardiovascular health, our ELISA Kits are indispensable companions on your scientific journey.


Act now to secure these in-demand kits while supplies last! To expedite your order, we encourage you to place it by the end of business on Friday. Our dedicated team will ensure swift processing, aiming to dispatch your supplies promptly after the Memorial Day holiday.


At Innovative Research, we're not just providing products; we're empowering discoveries. Join us in shaping the future of science one breakthrough at a time. Have questions or need assistance? Contact us via email at or phone us at +1 248 896 0145 or toll-free at 888 660 6866.

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