Development of Diagnostic Immunoassays for Tularemia and Leptospirosis

Development of Diagnostic Immunoassays for Tularemia and Leptospirosis

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Pooled Human Serum Off The Clot and Pooled Human Urine from Innovative Research were used in the following study:


Development of Diagnostic Immunoassays for Tularemia and Leptospirosis

Emily E. Hannah, Dr. David P. AuCoin

University of Nevada, Reno
May, 2021

Bacteria strains Francisella tularensis and Leptospira are the causes for tularemia and leptospirosis infections, respectively. Tularemia refers to a range of symptoms caused by Francisella tularensis that can be dangerous, and potentially fatal. Tularemia also refers to a variety of symptoms that can range from mild to severe, and initially presents itself through symptoms like head and body pain and fever. Unfortunately, neither of these have effective tools for early diagnosis, which may lead to delayed treatment and the development of serious infections.

In this study, mice were immunized with purified Francisella tularensis lipopolysaccharides and 10 antibodies were then isolated from the mice and analyzed; results confirmed that the antibodies were reactive to pathogenic strains of the bacteria. Further screening of these antibodies were used alongside serum and urine samples from Innovative Research to help develop a sensitive ELISA assay and prototype LFI for rapid detection at the point of care.


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