Hydrolytically Degradable PEGylated Polyelectrolyte Nanocomplexes for Protein Delivery

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Porcine Red Blood Cells, Packed 10% from Innovative Research was recently used in the following study:

Hydrolytically Degradable PEGylated Polyelectrolyte Nanocomplexes for Protein Delivery

Alexander K. Andrianov, Alexander Marin, Andre P. Martinez, Jacob L. Weidman, and Thomas R. Fuerst
Biomacromolecules: June 28, 2018

"... porcine red blood cells (Innovative Research, Novi, MI) ... Macromolecular modules for the construction of "core-shell" structured nano-assemblies were designed to include three main features - ionic moieties for enabling electrostatic interactions in the core, grafted PEG chains for forming the hydrophilic shell, and hydrolytically labile bonds to facilitate polymer degradation ..."

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