Innovative Grade US Origin Canine Plasma Reference 7-22-15


Written by Kelsey on July 27, 2015. Posted in References

Innovative Research's Innovative Grade US Origin Canine Plasma was recently used in the following study:

Sitagliptin Results in a Decrease of Truncated Apolipoprotein C1

NEB Skinner, MS Wroblewski, JA Kirihara… - Diabetes Therapy
...Five healthy volunteers (2F/3 M, age 31.2 ? 8.6, BMI 23.2 ? 3.1) received 3-day administration of sitagliptin (100mg/day). Blood was drawn into citrate anticoagulant at baseline and 3 days. Mouse and dog plasmas were purchased from Innovative Research, Novi, MI, USA.

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