Chicken Red Blood Cells, Packed 5% Reference 7-21-15

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Innovative Research's Chicken Red Blood Cells, Packed 5% was recently used in the following study:

Production of influenza virus-like particles from stably transfected Trichoplusia ni BT1 TN-5B1-4 cells

GP Hong, JH Park, HH Lee, KO Jang, DK Chung… - … and Bioprocess Engineering, 2015
...a series of 2-fold dilutions of VLPs (50 µL, pelleted eluates of sucrose cushion ultracentrifu- gation and fractions from sucrose gradient ultracentrifu- gation) in PBS (pH 7.2) were mixed with 25 µL of 1% (v/v) chicken red blood cells (Innovative Research, Novi, MI, USA) and ...

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