Innovative Grade US Origin Porcine Condyle

Innovative Grade US Origin Porcine Condyle


Innovative Research

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Innovative Grade US Origin Porcine Condyle from Innovative Research is collected on a custom basis from US Origin abattoir animals located in the United States, ensuring that only the highest-quality material is provided.

The Condyle is the round prominence at the end of a bone where it joins with another. Processing options include:

  • Femoral Pair: This product is provided as 2 condyles per femur and ships as a set.
  • Femoral Pair Cut: This product is processed by cutting the femur in half and removing the condyles, ships as a set.
  • Whole Knob: This product is provided as the whole knob / pair.

This product is available fresh (refrigerated and shipped on wet ice) or frozen (stored at -20° to -80°C and shipped on dry ice). We are able to accommodate most custom processing requests, so if you need something specific for your research, please be sure to let us know! If you're looking to order additional quantities, volume discounts may be available. Please inquire for a custom quote. At Innovative Research, we provide reliable, consistent products that deliver reliable, consistent results.

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This material is sold for in-vitro use only for manufacturing and research. This material is not suitable for human or animal use. While we make every effort to ensure the safety of our products, we recommend handling any biological materials with standard precautions as if capable of spreading infectious disease. The statements herin are offered for informational purposes only to be used solely for your consideration, investigation, and verification.

Please be aware the image pictured is for illustrative purposes only, and your product packaging and appearance may vary.

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