*Human Active PAI-1 ELISA Kit for Non-Plasma Samples

*Human Active PAI-1 ELISA Kit for Non-Plasma Samples


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Select this product for Molecular Innovations name, Human PAI-1 Activity ELISA Kit for Non-Plasma Samples and product number, HPAIKT-NP.

This human PAI-1 activity assay is for the quantitative determination of active plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) in non-plasma samples including cell culture media or tissue extracts. For research use only. Strip well format. Reagents for up to 96 tests.

Functionally active PAI-1 present in samples reacts with urokinase coated and dried on a microtiter plate. Latent or complexed PAI-1 will not bind to the plate and will not be detected. After appropriate washing steps, monoclonal anti-human PAI-1 primary antibody binds to the captured enzyme. Excess antibody is washed away and bound monoclonal antibody is then reacted with the secondary antibody conjugated to horseradish peroxidase.

TMB substrate is used for color development at 450nm. Color development is directly proportional to the concentration of active PAI-1 in the samples. A standard calibration curve is prepared along with the samples to be measured using dilutions of human PAI-1.

More Details:

Detection Target: PAI-1

Reactivity: Human

Range: 0.125-100 ng/ml

Sensitivity: 0.029ng/ml

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Please note: this product replaces our old product number IHPAIKT-NP (same product, new number).

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