Specialized Animal Products

In addition to the standard animal blood and blood-derived products from the most commonly-requested animals (bovine, porcine, sheep, rat, mouse, etc), Innovative Research also offers a line of whole blood and blood-derived products, as well as proteins, enzymes, and antibodies from a range of more specialized sources. It's never been easier to source the exact biomaterials you need for your research!

We're frequently asked for specialized animal biospecimens for use as standards or controls, and these products are here to meet even the most specific of research needs. Specialized species include alligator, donkey, emu, goose, llama, salmon, snake, and trout, among others. 

We are also happy to set up scheduled shipments of these (and any other!) products so that you can plan your research knowing that the biological materials you need are going to show up at your lab exactly when you need them. Looking for whole blood delivered the third Tuesday of every month? No problem, we do this every day! Get in touch with our team today, and let us take the work of sourcing and scheduling biological reagents & materials off your desk so you can get back to your research.