Factor IX Deficient Products

Factor IX Genetically Deficient (Knockout) Products are applicable to a wide range of in vitro research applications (including ELISA and Western Blot) and for many different areas of research, including coagulation and fibrinolysis. Factor IX deficiency is an animal model for Hemophilia B (Christmas Disease).

Our Factor IX Knockout was created by targeted disruption of the F9 gene. Mutations were then confirmed by PCR genotyping, Sanger sequencing, and RT-PCR. These Knockout animal models experience prolonged clotting time (aPTT) and mortality upon tail clipping without cauterization.

Products available include genetically deficient plasma, organs (flash-frozen), lyophilized organ powders, and ready-to-use organ tissue lysates. These products are ideal for use as standards or controls, including use as a negative control. 

We also offer Knockout Mice, available as individual male and/or female mice as well as breeding pairs. These Research Models are fully licensed and maintained as live colonies with immediate availability. Contact us directly for more information about live Research Models.