Detection of unique ebola virus oligonucleotide sequence using fluorescently-labeled phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligonucleotide probe pairs

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Pooled Normal Human Saliva from Innovative Research was recently used in the following study:

Detection of unique Ebola virus oligonucleotides using fluorescently-labeled phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligonucleotide probe pairs

Yijia Xiong, Tammie J. McQuistan, James W. Stanek, James E. Summerton, John E. Mata, Thomas C. Squier
Analytical Biochemistry, July 2018

"... Upon EBOV target oligonulceotide binding, observed changes in FRET between PMO probe pairs permit a 25 pM lower limit of detection; there is no off-target binding within a complex mixture of nucleic acids and other biomolecules present in human saliva ... Pooled normal human saliva was from Innovative Research (IR100044P) (Novi, MI). Following removal of mucus (Zebra Spin Desalting Column, 7 kDa MWCO; ThermoFisher Scientific) and cellular disruption (8.0 M urea), the nucleotide concentrations in the isolated saliva was 0.3 mM ..."

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