Innovative Grade PAI-1 Knockout Mouse

Innovative Grade PAI-1 Knockout Mouse

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At Innovative Research, we have worked to establish a broad range of working mouse research models to support many different therapeutic and disease areas of research. Our mouse models are fully licensed and maintained as live colonies on-site in our Novi, MI facility under the care of full-time animal husbandry staff as well as on-site scientific and veterinary care.

This allows us to quickly and easily provide you with the exact mouse models for research that you need, including knockout mice, transgenic mice, and more. Because these research models are maintained as live colonies, they are immediately available – allowing you to skip the time and expense of add-on line items like cryogenic recovery and breeding fees.

Our live mouse research models are available as single, unique mice as well as breeding pairs with an annual breeding license (contact us for details on breeding pairs). We are able to accommodate most requests, including age and gender requirements.

Our Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) Knockout Mouse Models were created via targeted disruption of the SERPINE1 gene using CRISPR-Cas9 technology licensed from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Mutations were then confirmed using various methods, including PCR genotyping and Sanger sequencing. This research model is useful for a wide range of scientific studies, including research related to cardiovascular disease, fibrinolysis, aging, and diabetes, among others.

Our PAI-1 Knockout Mouse Models are available as live homozygous mice. Homozygotes demonstrate undetectable PAI-1 activity levels following endotoxin injection.

Mouse Model Details:

  • Strain: C57BL6/SJL
  • Chromosome: 5
  • Gene: SERPINE1
  • Genomic Target: Exon 2
  • Mutation: 4 Base Pair Deletion
  • Phenotype: Undetectable PAI-1 activity level following endotoxin stimulation

In addition to the live mouse models, we also offer a line of ready-to-use, genetically deficient plasma, organs, and tissue lysates that are ideal for use in applications like ELISA, Western Blot, and more. At Innovative Research, we provide reliable, consistent products that deliver reliable, consistent results.

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