Innovative Research Forms Strategic Partnership with Bioz

Innovative Research Forms Strategic Partnership with Bioz

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  • Innovative Research is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Bioz, Inc., a leading AI software company based in the Silicon Valley. This collaboration is designed to enhance the ability of our customers to find reliable, peer-reviewed products within our extensive inventory of biological samples.

    As a prominent supplier of lab reagents, including plasma, serum, tissues, and proteins, Innovative Research offers an impressive portfolio of over 65,000 high-quality human and animal biologicals. These have been cited in a multitude of scientific publications, underscoring their reliability and efficacy.

    The partnership with Bioz will provide real-time product application data directly on our product webpages. This data will be presented via interactive digital web widgets, known as Bioz Badges. These badges display comprehensive product information derived from journal publications, including text snippets, images, tables, and figure legends from scientific articles that reference our products.

    Furthermore, the Bioz Badges feature an objective Bioz Stars rating that underscores each product’s history of success in scientific research. This rating is computed algorithmically, analyzing a diverse set of parameters such as the number of product mentions, article publication date, and journal impact factor.

    Dr. Karin Lachmi, CRO and co-founder of Bioz, has expressed her enthusiasm about this collaboration, noting that our products have a proven track record of success in scientific discovery. She asserts that Bioz Badges are the most effective way to highlight this success for the benefit of researchers.

    We are delighted to offer scientific peer-reviewed journal publications that reference our products on our product webpages as a new service to our customers. Wendy Wise, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Innovative Research, has stated that Bioz Badges are an invaluable tool for our customers, enabling them to efficiently review our publication data for enhanced product validation.

    We anticipate that this partnership will significantly enhance the customer experience and look forward to sharing further updates. If you have questions about a product or need further assistance, contact us via email at or phone us at +1 248 896 0145 or toll-free at 888 660 6866.

      Innovative Research was established in 1998 after the realization that dependable, high-quality, and affordable research materials were hard to come by. Starting with core products like human plasma and serum, Innovative Research has grown to be a trusted supplier of all lab reagents, including human biologicals and ELISA kits. Today, we manufacture and supply thousands of high-quality human and animal biologicals including plasma, serum, tissues, and proteins.

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