Sprague Dawley Rat Plasma Reference 7-31-11

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Innovative Research's Sprague Dawley Rat Plasma was recently used in the following study:

Simple, Sensitive, High-Throughput Method for the Quantification of Mitragynine in Rat Plasma Using UPLC-MS and Its Application to an Intravenous Pharmacokinetic ...

PK Vuppala, SP Boddu, EB Furr, CR McCurdy... - Chromatographia, 2011 - Springer
...Methyl t-butyl ether was purchased from EMD Chemicals Inc. (Darmstadt, Germany) and ammonium formate was purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (St. Louis, MO, USA). Rat plasma was purchased from Innovative Research (Peary Court Novi, MI, USA).

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