Innovative Grade US Origin Sprague Dawley Rat Whole Blood Reference 8-5-12

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Innovative Research's Innovative Grade US Origin Sprague Dawley Rat Whole Blood was recently used in the following study:

pH-Sensitive Polymeric Micelle-based pH Probe for Detecting and Imaging Acidic Biological Environments

YJ Lee, HC Kang, J Hu, JW Nichols, YS Jeon... - ..., 2012 - ACS Publications
...(Rancho Dominguez, CA). Rat whole blood was purchased from Innovative Research (Novi, MI). MCF7 cells (a human breast adenocarcinoma cell line) were cultured in RPMI1640 medium supplemented with D-glucose (2 g/L), insulin (4 mg/L), and 10% FBS under...

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