HIV Integrase Inhibitor Pharmacogenetics: An Exploratory Study

HIV Integrase Inhibitor Pharmacogenetics: An Exploratory Study

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Human Plasma from Innovative Research was used in the following study:


HIV Integrase Inhibitor Pharmacogenetics: An Exploratory Study

Derek E. Murrell, David B. Cluck, Jonathan P. Moorman, Stacy D. Brown, Ke-Sheng Wang, Michelle M. Duffourc, Sam Harirforoosh

Clinical Drug Investigation
March 2019, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp 285–299

"... Plasma, for pharmacokinetic analysis, and remaining cells, for genetic testing, were separated then placed at −80 °C until analysis. Samples were analyzed using a previously validated liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC–MS) assay developed by Simiele et al., with modifcations [25]. Briefy, a standard curve ranging from 10 ng/ml to 1500 ng/ml was created for drugs of interest from respective stock solutions in a 50:50 ratio of acetonitrile and water, using blank human plasma (Innovative Research Inc, Novi, MI, USA). Verapamil, a drug that no subject was concurrently receiving, was used as the internal standard in acetonitrile and 1% formic acid in water (80:20). Pharmacokinetic samples (1 ml) underwent pH viral inactivation over a period of 1 h at ambient temperature (23 °C) at a pH of 4, achieved using the addition of 100 µl of 1 M HCl [26]. One hundred microliters of internal standard were added then samples were vortex mixed ..."


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