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Innovative Research offers a large selection of ELISA kits that are ultra-sensitive and can be performed in under 90 minutes. The kits are applicable to a wide range of research areas from coagulation to fibrinolysis. Some of the most frequently asked questions about our ELISA kits have to do with how the signal should look once the test is performed. For more information about standard curves or issues, take a look at the charts below. 


Ideal Plate / Assay Turnout

Standard curve in duplicates including
Zero’s (row A and row B), unknowns in
duplicates remaining rows




High Signal Throughout,
Including Standard Curve

Caused By:

• Improper washing
• Skipping a step in the protocol
• Wrong concentration or volume added at a particular step
• Prolonged incubation


No Signal,
Throughout Including Standard Curve

Caused By:

• Improper washing
• Skipping a step in the protocol
• Improper reagent preparation
• Insufficient incubation period


Low Precision,
Improper Standard Curve Fit

Caused By:

• Improper washing
• Improper loading the wells/splashing/ inconsistent volumes
• Insufficient mixing of reagent diltions
• Dilution error
• Contamination of reagents (wash buffer, diluent)


Some of our most popular kits include:

    To inquire about products from Innovative Research reach out to sales@innov-research.com or call us at (+1)248-896-0145 or toll-free at 888-660-6866.

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