A Novel Transgenic Mouse Model for Corneal Scar Visualization

A Novel Transgenic Mouse Model for Corneal Scar Visualization

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Pooled Human Serum Off The Clot from Innovative Research was used in the following study:


A Novel Transgenic Mouse Model for Corneal Scar Visualization

Irona Khandaker, James L. Funderburgh, Moira L. Geary, Martha L. Funderburgh, Vishal Jhanji, Yiqin Du, Gary Hin-Fai Yam

Experimental Eye Research
September 23, 2020

According to the WHO, vision loss affects over 2.2 billion people globally each year. Corneal opacification resulting from fibrotic scar tissue following infection or injury is a common cause of corneal blindness, and the standard treatment for persistent scar tissue is corneal transplantation of donor tissues. However, there are limitations hindering its long-term success, namely the global restriction of transplantable donor materials, the risk of graft rejection or graft death, and the side-effects of long-term use of immunosuppressants.

The use of corneal stromal cells (CSSC) and stromal keratocytes in animal models testing cell-based regenerative therapy has shown success at clearing the scar tissue and restoring the corneal clarity. Researchers in this study found that treatment of a mouse line using human corneal stromal stem cells or their exosomes downregulated EGFP expression together with the reduction of scar volume and fibrosis gene expression. These results suggest transgenic mouse lines can be a valuable tool for the detection of corneal fibrosis and scarring in vivo and may be useful in monitoring corneal fibrosis over time.


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