Viper Venom L-Amino Acid Oxidase Purified

Viper Venom L-Amino Acid Oxidase Purified


Innovative Research

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Viper Venom L-Amino Acid Oxidase Purified from Innovative Research has been produced by Wellner and Meister, J. Biol. Chem., 235, 2013 (1960) method to the point just prior to crystallization. This is a liquid. This product is an heterodimeric glycoprotein composed of two approximately 70 kDa subunits. three electrophoretically different isozymes occur as different combinations of the two subunits. There are approximately two moles of FAD per mole of holoenzyme. L-amino acid oxidase catalyzes the oxidative deamination of a number of L-amino acids. The enzyme is absolutely specific for L-isomers. This is an an aqueous solutionwith toluene added as a perservative. One Unit oxidizes one micromole of L-leucine per minute at 25░C, pH 7.6. Do not freeze. More Details: Source: Rattlesnake Venom Storage Conditions: 2-8░C At Innovative Research, we provide reliable, consistent products that deliver reliable, consistent results.
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