Human Factor XIIIa Purified

Human Factor XIIIa Purified


Innovative Research

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Human Factor XIIIa Purified from Innovative Research has been produced from Human Factor XIII that has been cleaved with Immobilized Human alpha-Thrombin, then purified using chromatography to remove the Thrombin. This is a frozen liquid buffered in 50 mM Tris/ 100 mM NaCl/ 1 mM EDTA/ 10 u/mL aprotinin / 50 uM DTT/ 50% glycerol/ pH 7.5, with a concentration of 1mg/ml.

Factor XIII is activated to XIIIa by Thrombin (with Calcium as a cofactor). Factor XIIIa acts as a stablilzer for fibrin by catalyzing covalent bonds between fibrin molecules, leading to the development of a stable, elastic fibrin clot structure. A clot that has not been stabalized by FXIIIa is soluble, whereas a Factor XIIIa-stabilized clot is insoluble.

More Details:

  • Source: Human Plasma
  • Purification: Human Factor XIII was cleaved with resin-immobilized Human alpha-Thrombin, then purified using chromatography to remove the Thrombin.
  • Storage Conditions: -20°C

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Please note – this product replaces our old product number IHFXIIIa (same product, new number).

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