Bovine Collagen Purified

Bovine Collagen Purified

Innovative Research

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Bovine Collagen Purified from Innovative Research has been produced withType 1 Collagen prepared by the method of Einbinder and Schubert, J. Biol. Chem., 188, 335 (1951). This is a shredded, lyophilized, insoluble preparation.

This product is an inert, rigid protein found predominantly in skin, ligaments, bones and teeth. Its most distinctive characteristic in its role as a transmitter of mechanical force is its inelasticity. Collagen fibers with limited cross-linkages (i.e., unaged) will dissolve to some extent in dilute acid or concentrated neutral salt solutions.

More Details:

  • Source: Bovine Achilles Tendon
  • Storage Conditions: 2-8°C

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