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Human Follicle-Stimulation Hormone ELISA Kit

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Product Description

Human Follicle-Stimulation Hormone ELISA Kit

The Human Follicle-Stimulation Hormone ELISA Kit is for the quantitative determination of follicle-stimulation hormone (FSH) concentration in human serum. Follicle-Stimulation Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) are intimately involved in the control of the growth and reproductive activities of the gonadal tissues, which synthesize and secrete male and female sex hormones. The levels of circulating FSH and LH are controlled by these sex hormones through a negative feedback relationship. FSH is a glycoprotein secreted by the basophilic cells of the anterior pituitary. Gonadotropin-release hormone (GnRH), produced in the hypothalamus, controls the release of FSH from the anterior pituitary. Like other glycoproteins, such as LH, TSH, and hCG, FSH consists of subunits designated as alpha and beta. Hormones of this type have alpha subunits that are very similar structurally; therefore the biological and imunological properties are dependent on the unique beta subunits.

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Human Follicle-Stimulation Hormone ELISA Kit

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