Pediatric Biospecimens


Collected from juvenile patients, our range of pediatric biologicals for in-vitro research use include standard blood products like whole blood, plasma, and serum as well as other frequently-requested biomaterials like fecal matter/stool samples, urine, and saliva. 

Pediatric biospecimens are available in a wide range of age groups (product-specific) to ensure that you are able to source the exact material needed for your research application. In many cases, we are also able to accommodate custom collection and custom demographic requests, and can also set up prospective collections to ensure that your materials are what you need, delivered when you need them. 

Variety of Ages Available
Pediatric biologicals are available from single donors in the age group that best meets your research need. For blood-derived products, these options typically include 0-3yrs, 4-7yrs, 8-10yrs, 11-14yrs, and 15-18yrs. Age group options vary by product, so please see the product details page for options and availability. 

Parental Approval
Pediatric biospecimens are collected with full parental consent and approval The samples ship with basic demographic information as available (including information like age, gender, etc) but are not personally-identifiable and donor information remains anonymous. 

Questions? Specific processing requests/requirements? No problem, we do this every day! Simply get in touch with our team today, and let us do the heavy lifting so you can get back to your research.