Recombinant And Chemo-/bio-orthogonal Synthesis Of Liposomal Thrombomodulin And Its Antithrombotic Activity


Written by cps on May 4, 2018. Posted in References

Innovative Research's Anti-Mouse IgG HRP Labeled was recently used in the following study:

Internalization and localization of basal insulin peglispro in cells

JS Moyers, CB Volk, JXC Cao, C Zhang, L Ding - Molecular and Cellular , 2017
... overnight at 4 C. Primary antibody (1:5000 anti-IR 83-14, above) was added for 1 h at room temperature followed by washing 3 with TBS and incubation with secondary Ab (1:5000 HRP-conjugated anti-mouse IgG, Innovative Research, Novi, MI) for 1 h at room temperature. ...

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