Human HCK Protein Lysate 20ug

Human HCK Protein Lysate 20ug

Innovative Research

  • $209.00

Human HCK Protein Lysate 20ug from Innovative Research is provided as a Lyophilized powder.

This is a Recombinant Protein Lysate produced in HEK293T cells. This protein lysate can be reconsituted using SDS Sample Buffer. Once reconsituted, aliquot and store any remaining material at -20C to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles..

Additional Details:

  • Species: Human
  • Format: Lyophilized
  • Gene Symbol: HCK
  • Gene Alias: HCK, JTK9, JTK9, p59Hck, p61Hck
  • Protein Accession Number: NP_002101
  • Nucelotide Accession Number: NM_002110
  • Molecular Weight: 59.6 kDa
  • Storage Conditions: -20C

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