Chicken Cytokine IFN Alpha Recombinant

Chicken Cytokine IFN Alpha Recombinant


Innovative Research

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Chicken Cytokine IFN Alpha Recombinant from Innovative Research has been recombinantly produced in yeast and purified using ion-exchange chromatography. This is a lyophilized powder with a purity of greater than 95% as determined by SDS-PAGE analysis.

This product is endotoxin free, naturally folded, and post-translationally modified. This product can be used in cell culture, as an ELISA Standard for IFN alpha, and as a Western Blot control. Interferons are a group of cytokines that function as signaling proteins, made and released in response to the presence of viruses. Interferons have various functions, including interfering with viral replication, activating immune cells like natural killer cells and macrophages, and more. There are more than twenty unique IFN genes that have been identified, typically divided into three classes (Type I, Type II, and Type III), all of which play a part in fighting viral infection and regulating immune response. Interferon Alpha proteins are part of the Type I group of Interferons, and are produced primarily in plasmacytoid dendric cells. These proteins play a role in regulating the immune response, especially when it comes to immunity against viral infection.

More Details:

  • Source: Yeast Culture
  • Purification: Ion Exchange Chromatography
  • Purity: > 95% by SDS-PAGE
  • Storage Conditions: -20°C

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Please note – this product replaces our old product number IRKFAP0331 (same product, new number).

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