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Single Donor Human Complement Serum

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Product Description

Single Donor Human Complement Serum

Innovative Research's Single Donor Human Complement Serum is a complex mixture of serum proteins which are activated sequentially when antibodies in the blood of an immune animal interact with the corresponding antigens.

Complement proteins will quickly degrade if the serum is not prepared and stored correctly. Our complement-preserved serum is freshly-collected aseptically and kept cold, then flash frozen at -80 Celsius as soon as possible to prevent degradation of complement.

Single Donor Human Complement Serum is collected at an FDA-licensed commercial donor center/facility within the United States. Each unit is tested and found negative for HBsAg, HCV, HIV-1, HIV-2, HIV-1Ag or HIV 1-NAT, ALT, and syphilis by FDA-approved methods.

This Innovative Research product is for in vitro research use only, is not to be consumed by animals or humans, and should be handled with general precaution as if capable of spreading infectious disease.

Bystander mechanism for complement-initiated early oligodendrocyte injury in neuromyelitis optica

Lukmanee Tradtrantip, Xiaoming Yao, Tao Su, Alex J. Smith, Alan S. Verkman
... Complement dependent cytotoxicity Specified concentrations of AQP4-IgG (or control human IgG, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Rockford, IL) and human complement (Innovative Research, Novi, MI) were added in Hank's buffer, and cells were incubated at 37 °C for specified times. ... (4-22-15)

An AntiC1s Monoclonal, TNT003, Inhibits Complement Activation Induced by Antibodies Against HLA

KA Thomas, NM Valenzuela, D Gjertson, A Mulder - American Journal of , 2015
Single donor normal human serum (NHS) was used as source of active complement (IPLA-CSERS; Innovative Research, Novi, MI). Monoclonal and polyclonal antibody sources. HLA-Ab came from two main sources...

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Single Donor Human Complement Serum

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