Sheep Red Blood Cells

Sheep Red Blood Cells, Packed 10%

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Product Description

Sheep Red Blood Cells, Packed 10%

Sheep Red Blood Cells, Packed 10% is produced from sheep whole blood is washed to remove the platelet rich plasma, buffy coat layer, and leukocytes (WBC). After processing, the finished product is supplied as 10% red blood cells. Sheep red blood cells are useful for the titration of complement, adsorption procedures, testing for agglutinins/HA assays, and for the preparation of stroma as particulate reagents. Sheep red blood cells are perishable and are collected and processed upon receipt of your order.

Durable targeting of B-lymphocytes in living mice

M. Cascalho, D. Huynh, A. R. Lefferts, L. Stein, T. Lanigan, J. Decker, L. D. Shea & J. L. Platt
Scientific Reports (2018)

"... Transduction of CD19+ Cells in vivo: One hundred microliters of concentrated lentiviruses (3xMOI) were injected directly into the spleen (visualized and mobilized through laparotomy) in mice that had been immunized i.p. with 2.5 x 10^8 sheep red blood cells (Innovative Research, Novi, MI) 3 days before ..."


Systemic study of solvent-assisted active loading of gambogic acid into liposomes and its formulation optimization for improved delivery

Wei-Lun Tang, Wei-Hsin Tang, Andras Szeitz, Jayesh Kulkarni, Pieter Cullis, Shyh-Dar Li
Biomaterials, Volume 166, June 2018, Pages 13-26

... Sepharose CL-4B, and Sephadex G-50 were purchased from Fisher Scientific (Ottawa, ON, Canada). Human and sheep red blood cells (RBCs) for hemolysis test were purchased from Innovative Research (Novi, MI). DiIC18 ...

(May, 2017)

Ecoimmunology and Demography of Recruitment in Swainson's Hawks

CR Vennum - 2017
... complement result in greater cell lysis of sensitized foreign erythrocytes (washed Sheep. Red Blood cells, IC10-0210; Innovative Research, Novi, MI) providing a quantitative. measure of activation. The non-specific natural antibodies measured in the bactericidal. ...


Role of STARD4 in sterol transport between the endocytic recycling compartment and the plasma membrane

DB Iaea, S Mao, FW Lund, FR Maxfield - Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2017
... ... membrane. MATERIALS AND METHODS Materials: Sheep red blood cells were purchased from Innovative Research Inc. (Novi, MI). ...


Phyllanthin from Phyllanthus amarus inhibits cellular and humoral immune responses in Balb/C mice

M Ilangkovan, I Jantan, SNA Bukhari - Phytomedicine, 2016
... Sheep red blood cell (sRBC) was purchased from Innovative research


Common garden experiment reveals pathogen isolate but no host genetic diversity effect on the dynamics of an emerging wildlife disease

DM Hawley, KV Dhondt, AP Dobson... - Journal of ..., 2010 - Wiley Online Library
...injection values. Following the PHA assay, we injected all individuals with a 2% sheep red blood cell (SRBC) suspension (Innovative Research (IC10-0210), Novi, MI, USA) diluted to a total volume of 100 L with PBS. We took...


Murine complement receptor 1 is required for germinal center B cell maintenance but not initiation

LR Donius, JJ Weis, JH Weis - Immunobiology, 2014
Sheep red blood cell (SRBC) (Innovative Research Inc., Novi, MI) immunizations utilized SRBC washed three times with cold PBS and resuspended in PBS just before use. SRBC immunizations were 2 times 10 8 SRBC delivered ip in 200ul.

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Sheep Red Blood Cells, Packed 10%

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