Mouse Cytokine Proteins

Recombinant Mouse TNF alpha

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Product Description

Recombinant Mouse TNF alpha

TNF is primarily produced as a 212-amino acid-long type II transmembrane protein arranged in stable homotrimers. From this membrane-integrated form the soluble homotrimeric cytokine (sTNF) is released via proteolytic cleavage by the metalloprotease TNF alpha converting enzyme (TACE, also called ADAM17).18 The soluble 51 kDa trimeric sTNF tends to dissociate at concentrations below the nanomolar range, thereby losing its bioactivity. The secreted form of human TNF- takes on a triangular pyramid shape, and weighs around 17-kD. Both the secreted and the membrane bound forms are biologically active, although the specific functions of each is controversial. But, both forms do have overlapping and distinct biology activities.19The common house mouse TNF-alpha and human TNF are structurally different.20 The 17-kilodalton (kDa) TNF protomers (185-amino acid-long) are composed of two antiparallel -pleated sheets with antiparallel -strands, forming a 'jelly roll' -structure, typical for the TNF family, but also found in viral capsid proteins.

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Recombinant Mouse TNF alpha

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