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Recombinant Mouse APRIL

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Product Description

Recombinant Mouse APRIL

This protein is a member of the TNF family of proteins. APRIL is a type 2 membrane protein (N-terminus inside). An active, soluble homotrimer form can be released by proteolytic cleavage. APRIL is identical with TRDL-1-alpha TNF-related death ligand-1-alpha. The protein has been given the designation TNFSF13 TNF ligand superfamily member 13. Another name for the protein is TALL-2 TNF and ApoL related leukocyte expressed ligand-2. For a hybrid protein derived from TWEAK and APRIL see: TWE-PRIL.APRIL is expressed by T-cells, dendritic cells, monocytes, and macrophages, but not by B-cells (Moore et al, 1999; Shu et al, 1999). APRIL stimulates the proliferation of a variety of tumor cells in vitro (Hahne et al, 1998). NIH 3T3 cells expressing APRIL show an increased rate of tumor growth in nude mice. High levels of the protein are found in transformed cell lines and in human cancers of colon, thyroid, and lymphoid tissues in vivo.

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Recombinant Mouse APRIL

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