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Rat Prolactin ELISA Kit

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Product Description

Rat Prolactin ELISA Kit

The Rat Prolactin ELISA Kit measures total prolactin in the 0.1-100ng/ml range. Samples with prolactin levels above 100ng/ml should be diluted in blocking buffer before use. Use of straight or a 1:2 dilution for normal plasma is suggested to ensure that resulting values fall within the linear range of the assay. Optimal dilutions should be experimentally determined by the researcher.

The concentration of prolactin in pooled normal mouse plasma determined by in house testing was 3-5ng/ml. Prolactin levels are elevated in pregnant mice and peak at day 8 of pregnancy. The concentration of prolactin in control rat plasma as determined by radio immunoassay was 10.5ng/ml. Prolactin levels in pregnant rats are elevated immediately before birth.

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Rat Prolactin ELISA Kit

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