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Rabbit Plasma Albumin

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Product Description

Rabbit Plasma Albumin

Rabbit Plasma Albumin is a water-soluble protein with considerable structural stability which makes up 60 percent of the total protein of plasma. It functions as a carrier of hormones, enzymes, fatty acids, metal ions, and medicinal products. Prepared from US origin rabbit plasma by proprietary fractionation methods and lyophilized. 95 percent pure by SDS-PAGE.

Bloodstain age analysis: toward solid state fluorescent lifetime measurements

K Guo, N Zhegalova, S Achilefu... - SPIE ..., 2013
Louis, MO, rat albumin, mouse albumin, and rabbit albumin were acquired from Innovative Research, Inc Novi, MI. For lifetime measurements, hemoglobin was dissolved in PBS buffer, and the solution was adjusted to obtain the desired 0.00E00 5.00E04 1.00E05 1.50E05...

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Rabbit Plasma Albumin

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