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Rabbit IgG Protein A Purified

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Product Description

Rabbit IgG Protein A Purified

Rabbit IgG Protein A Purified is purified from normal rabbit serum by immobilized Protein A. 95 percent pure by SDS-PAGE and preservative free.

Rescuing vasculature with intravenous angiopoietin-1 and av3 integrin peptide is protective after spinal cord injury

S Han, SA Arnold, SD Sithu, ET Mahoney, JT Geralds... - Brain, 2010 - Oxford Univ Press
...number L9393, Sigma). As a control, purified rat or rabbit immunoglobulin G (IR-RB-IGG, IRT-IGG, Innovative Research, Novi, MI, USA) was used at the same concentrations instead of the primary antibody. Next, the sections...


Centrally administered pertussis toxin inhibits microglia migration to the spinal cord and prevents dissemination of disease in an EAE mouse model

J Yin, J Tu, H Lin, F Shi, R Liu, C Zhao... - PloS one, 2010 - dx.plos.org
...Mice were injected intraperitoneally (ip) with 100 g purified rabbit IgG (Ir-Rb-Gf, Innovative Research, Novi, MI, USA) on day 7 (four hours after PTx icv in the EAE PTx icv group) or day 14. Animals were euthanized 1819 hours after the injection.

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Rabbit IgG Protein A Purified

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