Plant Proteinase K Lyophilized

Proteinase K Lyophilized

Catalog No.: IRWBE305

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Category: Plant Biologicals

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Product Description

Proteinase K

Proteinase K (PROK) is a serine protease with broad specificity towards aliphatic, aromatic and other hydrophobic amino acids. PROK has a molecular weight of 27,000 daltons and is Ca2 dependent. It is not inactivated by metal ion chelating agents such as EDTA, sulfhydryl reagents, PCMB, TLCK, or TPCK. It also retains activity in 0.5% SDS. It can be inhibited by PMSF or DFP A lyophilized powder. Purified to remove DNase and RNase.

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Proteinase K Lyophilized

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