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Phosphodiesterase I

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Product Description

Venom exonuclease, Phosphodiesterase I successively hydrolyzes 5'-mononucleotides from 3'-OH-terminated ribo- and deoxyribo-oligonucleotides. The enzyme has an optimal pH range of 9.8-10.4 and a molecular weight of 115 kDa. Phosphodiesterase is inhibited by reducing agents such as glutathione, cysteine and ascorbic acids. It is completely inhibited by 5mM EDTA while ATP, ADP and AMP are partial inhibitors. The enzyme has an absolute requirement for Mg2.

One Unit hydrolyzes one micromole of p-nitrophenyl thymidine-5-phosphate per minute at 25C, pH 8.9.

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Phosphodiesterase I

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