Human PAI-1 Proteins

PAI-1 mutant stable no LRP binding

Catalog No.: IHPAI-R76E-I91L

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Product Description

PAI-1 mutant stable no LRP binding

A substitution of Glutamic Acid for Arginine at position 76 greatly decreases the binding of this Human PAI-1 mutant to the low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein (LRP). The putative LRP binding exosite is thought to overlap with the heparin binding site on the PAI-1 molecule. Binding to LRP or similar receptors leads to the clearance of PAI-1 complexes. An additional mutation (Isoleucine 91 to Leucine) provides increased stability for use in long term binding experiments or in vivo studies.

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PAI-1 mutant stable no LRP binding

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