Mouse Serum

Non Swiss Albino Mouse Serum

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Product Description

Non Swiss Albino Mouse Serum

NSA Mouse Serum is recovered from whole blood donations from normal healthy mice. This product is being sold for research and or manufacturing purposes only. It is not to be used in Humans or animals. The user assumes all responsibility for its usage and disposal, in accordance with all regulations. This material should be handled as if capable of transmitting infectious agents. Please use universal precautions. Recommended storage -20 degrees Celsius.

Simultaneous determination of dihydrotestosterone and its metabolites in mouse sera by LC-MS/MS with chemical derivatization

Shashank Gorityala, Shuming Yang, Monica M.Montano, Yan Xu
Journal of Chromatography B: Volume 1090, 15 July 2018, Pages 22-35

... Six pooled blank mouse sera with specified lot numbers (IR12-061102, IR12-061101, IR12-9010, 10698, 10193, 10832) were purchased from Innovative Research (Novi, MI, USA). Fig. 2 Fig. 2 Fig. 2. Structures of internal ...


PDF Identification and Characterization of the Trypanosoma cruzi B-cell Superantigen Tc24

SM Gunter, KM Jones, B Zhan, HT Essigmann - The American Journal of , 2015
... cardiac puncture under anesthesia (150 mg/kg ketamine/15 mg xylazine). Pooled sera from noninfected and noninjected Balb/c, C57BL/6, CD-1, and non-Swiss albino mice were also obtained from Innovative Research (Novi, MI). ...


Noninvasive Visualization of Tumoral Fibrin Deposition Using a Peptidic Fibrin-binding Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography Tracer

LWE Starmans, T van Mourik, R Rossin, I Verel - Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2015
...per group) was incubated with 800 L of mouse serum (non-Swiss albino from C57BL/6; Innovative Research Inc., Novi, MI, USA) or human serum (Innovative Research Inc.) for up to 24 h. At 1, 3, 8 and 24 h time points, 200...


Determination of Oral Bioavailability of Fusaric Acid in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats

BC Stack Jr, J Ye, R Willis, M Hubbard - Drugs in R&D, 2014
Fisher. Control plasma was obtained from Innovative Research (Novi, MI). 2.2 Pharmacokinetic Studies. ... Quality control samples were prepared in FA-free mouse serum (Innovative Research, Novi, MI) at 10, 100, and 3,000 M FA. Quality...


Development and validation a LC-MS/MS method for determination of L-type voltagegated calcium channel and NMDA receptor antagonist NGP1-01 in mouse serum

H Jogiraju, X Zhou, ALP Gobburi, KK Pedada - Journal of Chromatography , 2014
Mobile phases were filtered through 0.45 membrane filters from Millipore (Billerica, MA, USA). Individual lots of mouse serum (Non Swiss Albino) were from Innovative Research (Novi, MI, USA). One-hour dosed...


A quantitative LCMS/MS method for determination of thiazolidinedione mitoNEET ligand NL-1 in mouse serum suitable for pharmacokinetic studies

KK Pedada, X Zhou, H Jogiraju, RT Carroll - of Chromatography B, 2014 - Elsevier
Thiazolidinedione (TZD) compounds have shown promise as antidiabetic, antibiotics, antifungal and neuroprotective agents. The mitochondrial effect of a novel mitoNEET ligand, NL-1 5-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl)methyl-1,3-thiazolidine-2,4-dione, and other TZD compounds, is a newly proposed mechanism for the neuroprotective action of these TZD compounds. In this work, a sensitive LCMS/MS assay has been developed and validated for quantification of NL-1 in mouse serum (Innovative Research, Novi, MI, USA)...

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Non Swiss Albino Mouse Serum

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