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Mouse Prothrombin / Thrombin Total ELISA Kit

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Product Description

Mouse Prothrombin / Thrombin Total ELISA Kit

Prothrombin (aka Factor II) is a single-chain vitamin K dependent 579 amino acid glycoprotein zymogen. Prothrombin is proteolytically activated to thrombin by the prothrombinase enzyme complex in the coagulation cascade common pathway. The serine protease thrombin converts plasma fibrinogen to insoluble fibrin. Prothrombin levels are decreased by anticoagulant therapy, vitamin K deficiency and severe liver disease. Elevated plasma prothrombin is associated with a single nucleotide change at position 20210.

This mouse prothrombin/thrombin total antigen assay is intended for the quantitative determination of total prothrombin and thrombin in mouse plasma, serum, tissue extracts, and cell culture media. For quantitation of mouse prothrombin only, refer to the Mouse Prothrombin Antigen Assay (cat IMPTKT). The assay measures total prothrombin/thrombin antigen in the 1 - 500 ng/ml range. If the unknown is thought to have high prothrombin/thrombin levels, dilutions may be made in diluent. A 1:10,000-1:40,000 dilution for normal mouse plasma is suggested for best results. Strip well format. Reagents for up to 96 tests.

Mouse prothrombin, thrombin, and thrombin-antithrombin complex will bind to the capture antibody coated on the microtiter plate. After appropriate washing steps, biotinylated primary antibody binds to the captured protein. Excess primary antibody is washed away and bound antibody is reacted with horseradish peroxidase conjugated streptavidin. TMB substrate is used for color development at 450nm. A standard calibration curve is prepared along with the samples to be measured using dilutions of prothrombin. The amount of color development is directly proportional to the concentration of prothrombin in the sample.

Detection Target: Prothrombin
Reactivity: Mouse
Range: 1 - 500 ng/ml
Sensitivity: 0.52 ng/ml

Disclaimer: This material is sold for in-vitro use only for manufacturing and research. This material is not suitable for human or animal use. While we make every effort to ensure the safety of our products, we recommend handling any biological materials with standard precautions as if capable of spreading infectious disease. The statements herein are offered for informational purposes only to be used solely for your consideration, investigation, and verification.

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Mouse Prothrombin / Thrombin Total ELISA Kit

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