Mouse Renin Proteins

Mouse Prorenin 8x His

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Product Description

Mouse Prorenin 8x His

Recombinantly produced in HEK cell culture and purified by chelated metal affinity chromatography. Contains a 8X-Histidine tag at C terminus for purification. Resistant to activation to renin by trypsin digestion. Prorenin is a glycosylated aspartic protease that consists of 2 homologous lobes and is the precursor of renin. Prorenin exhibits a low level of enzymatic activity relative to renin which is generated from prorenin by proteolytic cleavage of the first ~43 amino acids at the N-terminus.


Activation of ENaC in Collecting Duct Cells by Prorenin and Its Receptor PRR: Involvement of Nox4-Derived Hydrogen Peroxide

X Lu, F Wang, M Liu, KT Yang, A Nau, DE Kohan - American Journal of , 2015
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Mouse Prorenin 8x His

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