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Mouse IL-12p70 ELISA kit

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Product Description

Mouse IL-12(p70) ELISA Kit

Our Mouse IL-12(p70) ELISA Kit is a sandwich ELISA intended for the quantitative determination of mouse IL-12 (p70) in cell culture supernates and serum.

Interleukin(IL)-12 is a 70-KDa cytokine comprised of two disulfide-linked proteins(p35 and p40) and is essential for the initiation of effective immune response. And the IL-12p70 is a heterodimer of p35 and p40 subunits; it is an important cytokine secreted by antigen-presenting cells in response to antigenic stimulation. Gene expression analysis of the IL-12 cytokine family subunits revealed that both strains induced high levels of p40(protein chain communal to IL-12 p70 and IL-23) as well as p19, a subunit of IL-23. Conversely only ACT- 18HS19 infection induced consistent transcription of IL-12 p35, a subunit of IL-12 p70. The standard product used in this kit is recombinant mouse IL-12 p70 comprising of a 193 amino acids p35 chain and a 313 amino acids p40 chain connected by a disulfide bond.

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Mouse IL-12p70 ELISA kit

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