mouse Clusterin ELISA Kit

Mouse Clusterin ELISA Kit

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Product Description

Mouse Clusterin ELISA Kit

Our Mouse Clusterin ELISA Kit is a sandwich ELISA intended for the quantitative determination of Mouse Clusterin in cell culture supernates, serum and plasma (heparin, EDTA).

Clusterin(apolipoprotein J) is a 75 - 80 kDa disulfide-linked heterodimeric protein associated with the clearance of cellular debris and apoptosis.1 In humans, clusterin is encoded by the CLU gene.This protein has several synonyms: dimeric acidic glycoprotein(DAG protein), testosterone repressed prostate message-2(TRPM-2), sulfated glycoprotein-2(SGP-2) and complement lysis inhibitor(CLI). Clusterin was mapped to mouse chromosome 14. Clusterin is a ubiquitously expressed molecule thought to influence a variety of processes including cell death. In the brain, it accumulates in dying neurons following seizures and hypoxic-ischemic(H-I) injury. clusterin may be a new therapeutic target to modulate non-caspase-dependent neuronal death following acute brain injury.

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Mouse Clusterin ELISA Kit

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