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Mouse anti-Pan Dengue Envelope (Clone D1-11)

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Product Description

Mouse anti-Pan Dengue Envelope Clone D1-11

Mice were immunized with a mixture of dengue 1, 2, 3 and 4. Spleen cells were used to prepare hybridomas and clones selected based on the ability of the antibody they produced to react with each dengue serotype.

This IgG 2A kappa hybridoma reacts with each dengue serotype in dot blot, ELISA and fluorescent antibody tests. Its reactivity has been confirmed by CDC. Please note that the reactivity of this antibody varies between strains and various isolates, therefore, a single dilution may not be appropriate for each situation. All hybridoma proteins are produced from tissue culture and purified using Protein A- affinity chromatography. The myeloma cell line used as a fusion partner produces small amounts of IgG1, therefore IgG1 is sometimes present in the preparation.

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Mouse anti-Pan Dengue Envelope (Clone D1-11)

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