Human Prorenin Antibodies

Mouse Anti Human prorenin, FITC labeled

Catalog No.: IPREN4B5E3-FITC



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Product Description

Mouse Anti Human prorenin, FITC labeled

FITC labeled inhibitory mouse monoclonal antibody directed to human prorenin (Patent Pending). This antibody recognizes and binds only to prorenin. It does not bind or otherwise interact with active renin. Blocks proteolytic conversion of prorenin to renin by catalytic amounts of trypsin (unpublished data). Binding epitope is within amino acid residues 30-43 (MARLGPEWSQPMKR) of prorenin. Strongly blots prorenin under non-reducing and reducing conditions. No cross reactivity with mouse or rat prorenin. Clone 4B5-E3. IgG2b class.

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Mouse Anti Human prorenin, FITC labeled

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