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Human Total Thyroxine ELISA Kit

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Product Description

Human Total Thyroxine ELISA Kit

The Human Total Thyroxine ELISA Kit is for the quantitative determination of the Triiodothyronine (T3) concentration in human serum. L-Thyroxine (T4) is a hormone that is synthesized and stored in the thyroid gland. Proteolytic cleavage of follicular thyroglobulin releases T4 into the bloodstream. Greater than 99% of T4 is reversibly bound to three plasma proteins in blood - thyroxine binding globulin (TBG) binds 70%, thyroxine binding pre-albumin (TBPA) binds 20%, and albumin binds 10%. Approximately 0.03% of T4 is in the free, unbound state in blood at any one time.

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Human Total Thyroxine ELISA Kit

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