Human Whole Blood

Single Donor Human Red Blood Cells - Washed

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Product Description

Single Donor Human Red Blood Cells - Washed

Innovative Research's Single Donor Human Red Blood Cells (Washed) are separated from type O positive whole blood. They are then washed and re-suspended in Alsever's Solution.

All lots have been tested by an FDA approved method for Human Immunodeciency Virus RNA (HIV-1 RNA), Antibodies to Human Immunodeciency Virus (Anti-HIV 1/2), Antibodies to Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), Hepatitis C Virus RNA (HCV RNA), Hepatitis B Virus (HBV DNA), Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HbsAg), and Syphilis.

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This material is sold for in-vitro use only in manufacturing and research. This material is not suitable for human use. It is the responsibility of the user to undertake sufficient verification and testing to determine the suitability of each products application. The statements herein are offered for informational purposes only and are intended to be used solely for your consideration, investigation and verification.


HTML Focus: Infectious Diseases: Association of Plasmodium falciparum with Human Endothelial Cells in vitro

C Utter, AE Serrano, JW Glod, MJ Leibowitz - The Yale Journal of Biology and , 2017
... Albumax has been widely used for culture of P. falciparum. Human erythrocytes were obtained from Innovative Research (Novi, MI). Purified human RBCs were added to P. falciparum cultures at 2 percent hematocrit. Culture ...


Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptides with Reduced Activation of Toll-Like Receptor Signaling Have Potent Bactericidal Activity against Colistin-Resistant Bacteria

C Kao, X Lin, G Yi, Y Zhang, DA Rowe-Magnus, K Bush - mBio, 2016
.... cells (hRBCs) (catalog no. IPLA-WB3-18103; Innovative Research, Inc., Novi, MI). The hRBCs were washed three times with phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) (pH 7.4) and then resuspended in PBS. hRBC solution was mixed ...

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Single Donor Human Red Blood Cells - Washed

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