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Human Prorenin ELISA Kit

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Product Description

Human Prorenin ELISA Kit

This Human Prorenin ELISA Kit is for the sensitive measurement of human prorenin in plasma samples (non-plasma samples can be used with IHPRENKT-NP). Active renin is not detected by this assay. Prorenin is measured directly by ELISA without pretreatment of samples or conversion to renin. Human prorenin will bind to the capture antibody coated on the microtiter plate. After appropriate washing steps, anti-human prorenin primary antibody binds to the captured protein. Only prorenin and not active renin will be detected by the primary antibody. Excess antibody is washed away and bound primary antibody is then reacted with the secondary antibody conjugated to horseradish peroxidase. All reagents and standards are provided in these ELISA kits. This kit does not cross react with mouse or rat prorenin.

Prognostic value of renin and prorenin in heart failure patients with decreased kidney function

MK Szymanski, K Damman, DJ van Veldhuisen... - American Heart ..., 2011 - Elsevier
...Prorenin was measured with Human Prorenin ELISA kit (Innovative Research, Novi, MI) with prorenin-depleted human plasma and prorenin-depleted human plasma spiked with recombinant human prorenin from human embryonic kidney cell culture used as standards.


The Progression of Serum Prorenin Concentration during Pregnancy

Y Mikami, T Narita, Y Takai, K Baba, H Seki - J Hypertens, 2014
The serum PR concentration was examined using the direct enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (Innovative Research Inc., Novi, MI, USA) in our center. We performed two assays for 1 sample and calculated the mean...

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Human Prorenin ELISA Kit

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