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Human PKA (Protein Kinase A) Activity Assay Kit

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Product Description

Human PKA (Protein Kinase A) Activity Assay Kit

cAMP-Dependant Protein Kinase A (PKA) Activity kit is designed to quantitatively measure PKA activity in a variety of samples. Recombinant PKA standard is provided to generate a standard curve for the assay. For samples that may have high PKA activity we offer an alternative protocol that reads the substrate reaction at 650 nm. The kit utilizes an immobilized PKA substrate bound to a microtiter plate. Samples containing PKA will, in the presence of the supplied ATP, phosphorylate the immobilized PKA substrate. A rabbit antibody specific for the phospho-PKA substrate binds to the modified immobilized substrate. Antibody specific for rabbit IgG labeled with peroxidase is simultaneously added to the plate to bind to the rabbit anti-phospho-PKA substrate. After a short incubation and wash, substrate is added and the intensity of the color developed is directly proportional to the amount of PKA in the samples and standards.

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Human PKA (Protein Kinase A) Activity Assay Kit

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