Human PAI-1 Proteins

Human PAI-1 (stable mutant N-terminal poly-histidine)

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Product Description

Human PAI-1 (stable mutant N-terminal poly-histidine)

Human PAI-1 stable mutant N-terminal poly-histidine is a patent-pending mutant of human PAI-1 containing four mutations that stabilize the activity of PAI-1 has been made available. The N-terminus has been additionally modified with the introduction of a 6-X histidine tag. The tag allows for the immobilization of functionally active PAI-1 onto surfaces such as metal chelate microtiter plates or Ni2 resins. Many new applications for PAI-1 can be envisioned with this unique reagent.

Vein wall remodeling after deep vein thrombosis: differential effects of low molecular weight heparin and doxycycline
V Sood, C Luke, E Miller, M Mitsuya - Annals of vascular , 2010 - Elsevier
... However, human studies of varicose veins, though often not associated with a thrombus ... MN),
urokinase plasminogen activator (uPA), and plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1) were
performed according to the manufacturer's instructions (Innovative Research, Novi, MI). ...

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Human PAI-1 (stable mutant N-terminal poly-histidine)

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